Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A tote with a touch of neon/chevron + DIY

I go through phases with patterns. When my eye is attracted to one, it subconsciously finds its way into a lot of my design at home and work.

I've got a bad case of chevron brain lately. The energy of the geometry and boldness of line makes me want to run - jumping - into summer.

Here's a DIY on how to make your own chevron goodness.

You'll need a canvas tote, masking/blue tape, fabric paint, paintbrush, iron, and your design on iron-on paper*. Iron-ons are so fun, and you can transfer any image/text onto fabric with them. The style of paper I used required me to reverse the image before printing. Just follow the instructions on whatever style paper you use (some need mirror image, some do not).

Make your chevron with masking tape (remember that the paint will go in the space not covered with tape). I learned the hard way that I need to cut clean edges for each piece to keep the paint lines crisp.
Iron on your design, using your hottest, no-steam setting.

**As a first-time fancy crafter (I am usually such a mess), it took me a few tries to get photos that made sense. And I, of course, ironed the letters on the wrong side, making the entire graphic melt onto my iron. Oops. Thank goodness for nearby hotpads to clean the surface pronto.

It felt so good to see the paper peeling away to reveal JOY underneath.

Using the foam brush, I painted on the lime green being careful along the tape edges. Oh, the satisfaction of removing the masking tape and seeing the grand reveal of a crisp, clean line.
And, that's it.

I use totes for everything...grocery store, library, farmer's market, storage, soccer gear, swimming equipment...you name it. And with this crafty addition you can brand away.

Happy creating, friends.



Dana said...

Love this idea. I've never used fabric pain before, but if I did, you can bet I'd be painting a chevron pattern too! Love chevron. And iron ons are the best!

Such a cute gift or party giveaway this would make. Thanks for sharing!

paige :: approaching joy said...

It still totally makes me smile!!!

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Fabric paint is super easy to find these days..and super easy. I love the idea of using it as a party giveaway! Thanks, Dana. XOXO MJ

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Me, too! My oldest daughter has already thought of great things you can stuff in the pockets! Will be in route to you tomorrow via USPS. XOXO MJ

Elisse Newey said...

I am super excited to try one of these this weekend! Thanks for the DIY!

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Elisse, I would love to see what you come up with! Happy creating. XOXO MJ