Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is us.

These are my people. You may remember that I introduced you already. These are my inspires - my core, my life, and the best gigglers I know (yes, even my hubby).  

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. ~Mt 6

They are a super huge reason why I've started this blog, and they are the major reason why I've been only thinking about blogging and following awesome blogs for many, many years.

I have my dreams and in every one of them these beautiful people are the main characters. 

I'm not sure, however, if their dreams involve a leading role in the great worldwide web.

This little bitty blog is my place to share home, design, faith, and life - with you. 

Sooner than I'd like, these littles will be biggies with their circles of friends and awesome activities and, at least to begin this adventure (I reserve the right to change my mind*), I'm going to give them their own space to avoid the embarrassment of their momma. They'll be the protagonists in all of my stories but, for now, this is your key in the photo glossary of Pars Caeli.

So many blogging moms out there give us an open view into their homes, their professional life balance, their kids' interests and fashions. (e.g.: Gabby, Kelly, and Melissa are among my faves)

I have read along in awe and gawked at lovely photos - motivated to be more, and moved to be happy with now.

It's tough not showing you all the 1000s of cute photos I have of each child (yes, you've been spared), but I think for now, this is the right choice for us and Pars Caeli.

Pars Caeli (pars kiley) is the name my hubby and I gave our home when we moved into it, two days after our wedding. And now it's my great delight to welcome you to my web home, a lovely extension of our piece of Heaven.

What are your thoughts, dear readers? What guides you in what to share or not to share on the internet?

Thanks for coming over. Let's talk again soon.



Jess said...

I think that makes a lot of sense. There's always the issue of children, privacy, etc., and you have to make that decision pretty early on as a blogger whether or not you want to take that path. Plus, you've been blogging about other topics (DIY, inspiration, etc.). This is an outlet to be not a mom blogger but a blogger who is also a mom—and sometimes those can be separate things.

For me, I'm pretty open on my blog about my personal life, but I also don't have any kids or pets (just a boyfriend who also has a blog, however irregularly he may post!). I rarely share too much about what I really feel passionate about, though, which is religion and politics. I love digging deep to find out more about religious traditions, reading books about the Qur'an (or Bible or Torah—this list could go on), examining research. That's why I double majored in Religion and International Relations in college. But these are polarizing topics, and I didn't want to blog about such heated debates. I wanted blogging to be a creative outlet for my other interest—style. So while sometimes I feel as though my blog gives a very materialistic perspective on my life, we have to understand that our blogs are just one representation of ourselves, not a complete one.

Anyway, sorry for this insanely long comment. I saw you @ replied to me on Twitter, and at first I just stopped by to say hello. Then I ended up writing you a book. :)

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Hey Jess, You make some great points here...thanks for the time you put into this! I appreciate your distinction that this is a place to be a blogger who is a mom. Point well taken.

I blog as a hobby and it need not be a total diary. I appreciate the way you bring in new images and ideas on your blog and it doesn't have to be the all of you. Look forward to seeing more.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

Elisse Newey said...

You bring up some good points. I really struggle with this area of our increasingly public online world. I always shy so far from opening up that I feel like people probably can't connect with me at all. But I also feel that the most wonderful thing about our online world is that we can form great connections and friendships with people around the world - and how can I open myself up to that possibility if I am not more willing to share who I am? Does that make sense?

I really like how Jess puts it - that our blogs are just one representation of ourselves and we need to understand that it isn't complete.

Annnnyway, I think I blabbed enough. I think your blog is lovely and no need to change anything about it!

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Elisse, I feel your thought, "the most wonderful thing about our online world is that we can form great connections and friendships with people around the world." It's completely what tipped me over to the world of blogging. It's been a delight getting touch with people like yourself!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful contribution!

jen @ jkjk said...

I think you have to decide what you're comfortable with, set limits on what you are willing to share, and then stick with it.
I think sharing things online does help you connect with others, but I don't think you have to share everything :).

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Thanks for your level head, Jen. I guess I go through bursts where I just want to share everything and have you all over to my home! It's been great connecting via the worldwide web. :)

Dana said...

You've made a decision that is right for you and your family. That is the most important thing.

I've taken the approach Jen listed above. I'm comfortable sharing certain things but I set boundaries because I am aware my online actions could have repercussions down the road that affect me and my family.

Keep up the great work!

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Hi Dana, Thanks for your support! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by great blogging friends and new readers. XOXO, MJ