Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday: in focus

I was just about to lay on the floor (it's where I get all my best work done) and write a thankful Friday post at the end of week one of blogging. It's been so much fun to discover the inner workings of HTML and blog interfaces, make my fair share of mistakes, and connect with great ladies out in the blogosphere.

I started this blog to inspire. I started this blog to inspire myself.

It's working.

Sometimes we're not fully aware of the little pieces of Heaven all around us.

Sometimes we overlook our own capacity to be one of those pieces.

I was just about to get into the meat of this post when this little guy (L, not Mickey) got something in his eye and needed his momma more than the world wide web needed more words from me.

Before I go, let me pass on a dash of happy that came to me through Adina and was written over at Tiny Twig on how to find, grow, and keep your passion. So good and well timed.

Okay, I'm off to do some cuddling and mending. Have a bright weekend...thanks for coming over.

And don't forget to check over at Approaching Joy for some great Saturday fun! I'll recap here on Monday, too.


Dana said...

So happy to see you're up and running with this blog of yours. I blog to inspire myself, to document my life (especially with my new son) and to keep track of things I like/love/loathe. And if no one reads it - at least I can look back at and take a trip down memory lane whenever I want. That's enough for me!

Happy blogging from a fellow mama and blogger who's still trying to figure it all out!


MJ @ parscaeli said...

Yay! Thanks, Dana, for the note. I'm loving all the great Chicago and baby photos I get to see

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Over at Five30three! Stay in touch.

paige :: approaching joy said...

So happy that you were part of this week for me. (That's definitely one of my "thankful Friday/ thankful Saturday" thoughts.)

p.s. I'm glad I'm not the only one who lays on the floor to get stuff done!!

MJ @ parscaeli said...

Thanks to you, Paige, for welcoming me over at Approaching Joy. XOXO Yay for collaboration.